Student Service

Residence Halls: RTC currently has nine modern residence halls available to daytime students with double-, triple- and quadruple-occupancy rooms, laundry facilities, and a common room with a TV. RTC provides beds, desks, chairs, curtains, and closet space. In addition, some students will be accommodated in larger apartments with similar furnishings. Residence Mentors (RMs) appointed from among the faculty and staff will facilitate student life, assisted by student Residence Assistants (RAs).

Library:   A  well-stocked  library  containing   newspapers,  magazines and  novels for  recreational  reading  as well as academic materials, is open  during  regularly scheduled hours.  The library also has internet- connected computers. The library is available free to all members of the RTC community. Outsiders can acquire annual membership by paying a fee. Extended library hours may be provided before final examinations as needed.

Information and Communication Technology:  RTC currently has five fully equipped computer  labs with computers with high speed internet connections.  These computer  labs are available for academic work at regularly scheduled hours. Three of these labs are located in the library and are available to all members of the RTC community for academic- related work when the library is open. In addition, Wi-Fi connection to the internet is available at the Wi-Fi hot spot located near the college canteen as well as in campus residence halls.

Dining Hall/Kitchen:  Nutritious  and wholesome vegetarian and non- vegetarian meals are hygienically prepared  in the college kitchen. The dining service can take residents’ dietary restrictions in consideration if a Residence Mentor is notified in advance.

All resident  students  are provided  with three meals a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals are self-service and students are expected to demonstrate good hygiene and table manners.  Day scholars may purchase meals if they wish. The current plan for meal times in the dining hall is listed below.

Breakfast 7:00am - 9:30am
Lunch 12:00am - 2:00pm
Dinner 7:00pm - 9:00pm 

Dining hall hours may be adjusted on holidays and during vacation periods when the dining hall is open.

College Cafeteria and Dry Canteen (Instant Delight): In addition to the dining hall, RTC has Cafteria and  Dry Canteen where students and other members of the RTC community can purchase food and snacks. The college cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dry canteen is open from 8:00 AM in the morning to 6:30 PM in the evening.

Book/Convenience Store: A book store including copying and printing facilities and a mini-mart is provided for students’ convenience. Students are individually responsible for meeting their financial obligations at this facility.

ATM: An ATM, located in Academic Block B just above the amphitheatre, is available to facilitate convenient banking for students, faculty and staff.

Sports Facilities:  Because sports promote healthy physical activity and develop social connections  between students,  RTC provides excellent sport facilities for the use of all members of the RTC community including a football ground,  indoor  and  outdoor  basketball courts,  a volleyball court,  badminton  courts, table tennis, archery, and  khuru  facilities as well as a gymnasium. Necessary equipment is available from the student government for football and basketball. Students need to supply their own equipment for other sports.

Health Care:  The National Referral Hospital is a short distance from RTC, so high quality medical care is readily available when students need it. The college also has a trained health assistant available at regularly scheduled times and on an emergency basis. Students with chronic/ serious health problems should bring required medications with them and make arrangements for needed care. Students with a medical condition likely to affect other  members of the RTC community  must promptly inform a Residence Mentor or the Registrar.

Counselling Service:  College is a time  of transition  and  change, of important  personal as well as academic growth and development. Optimizing this development, and handling the stresses it often entails, can be a challenge. Thus, RTC provides personal counseling. The Student Counselor provides a confidential sounding board to help students deal effectively with the stresses and concerns of daily life. Private meetings can be scheduled with the Student Counselor for confidential discussions of personal issues or problems.

Career Skills Development: The college provides a wide range of activities to help students succeed in the job market. For example, it provides sessions to  help  students  identify  their  strengths,  improve  their  interviewing skills, and learn how to write effective resumes. All final year students are required to attend several sessions designed to provide information on the job market and on how to succeed in obtaining a job are also provided. In addition, activities such as internships and panel discussions featuring prominent  individuals  from  major  employers are  organized  to  assist students in preparing to obtain good jobs.

Campus Security:   RTC is deeply committed to providing all members of its community with a safe and secure environment. It employs security staff, who should be the first point of contact in any possibly threatening situation, to facilitate achievement of this goal. However, all members of the community can contribute to creating a safe and secure environment by respectful behavior toward each other and prompt  reporting of any concerns they may have to the security staff or other appropriate campus authorities such as the Residence Mentors.

Transportation: City bus service between RTC and Thimphu is available to students.   Those students, especially day scholars, wishing to obtain long-term bus passes should contact the RTC Administrative Officer for more details. The college normally provides transportation for students to the National Referral Hospital if needed.

Parking: Residential Students and Day Scholars who wish to bring vehicles on the campus must register with the Security Supervisor and obtain a parking pass, which must be posted on the vehicles front window. To retain this privilege, students must abide by driving and parking rules and regulations available from the Security Supervisor. Modest fees are charged to Resident Students for either semester-long or individual night parking passes. Day scholars shall park their vehicles below Academic Block A and may not park overnight at the college. Residential Students shall park in parking areas near the Residence Halls after 6:30pm. Parking on college roads is not permitted and fines will be levied on vehicles parked there. All registered vehicles must stop at the entrance gate so occupants can show their student ID cards to security personnel when entering or exiting after 6:30pm. 

Lost and Found: Students who find lost or misplaced items on campus should turn them in to the RTC Administrative Officer, in A24. Similarly, anyone misplacing items can check there to see if they have been located.

Suggestion  Boxes: In  keeping  with  RTC’s  commitment   to  constant improvement, suggestion boxes, which students are encouraged to use, are located on campus.