Learning Resource Centre

This Spring 2020, the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) is giving you the opportunity to be a better learner. We will offer structured courses on three subjects that are immensely necessary for improving your basic skills.

1. LRC Subjects:

  1. Dzongkha
  2. English
  3. Mathematics and Statistics

Each Subject-area will deal with 3 - 5 topics that are crucial for honing your critical, analytical and communicative skills. These topics will be repeated during the semester. So, even if the first chance is missed, you still have another chance to attend classes on your preferred topic.  In addition, some subjects will offer Open Sessions in which you can bring your own questions about relevant class material or skills.  

Please see the detailed work plan for each subject in the link below:

Detailed Work Plan/Topic

2. Class Hours:

There are various time- slots depending on the module chosen. Note that some slots are topic specific, while others are Open Sessions and allow you to bring your own questions.   

Please see the LRC time-schedule in the link below:

Schedule and Classroom

3. Enrollment Procedure:

The announcement for the commencement of registration will be made on the RTC intra-net.  You will be allowed to enroll your name with the LRC tutor whose classes you wish to attend.  You can either meet the tutor in person or e-mail him/her in order to get your name enrolled for a particular topic. Your name can also be recommended by your Module Tutors/ PLs/ Advisors. Please register directly with the LRC subject tutors or through the Academic Manager. You may also sign-up for LRC classes at the Faculty Building front desk.

Warning:You cannot enroll your Name for a Specific Topic beyond the given Time-Period. Please Wait for the Next Chance. Your Favourite Topic will soon be repeated.

4. Faculty Details:

Please see the Faculty Details in the Link below:

LRC - Faculty Details