IT Department

This page provides you with information about our department (IT) , online help/assistance on some common ICT issues and anyother IT related news/activity that we feel is interesting and useful to share.


About Us

The RTC Information and Technology Department takes care of all the IT Services in the campus. Our Department is headed by the IT Manager and we have several IT Officers. 

We are:

  • Namgay Tshering - IT Manager
  • Sonam Wangmo - IT Officer/DB Administrator
  • Sonam Chophel – Asst. IT Officer/Webmaster
  • D.B Ghising – Asst. IT Officer
  • Chimi Lham – Asst. IT Officer/DB Administrator
  • Rohan Subedi – Asst. IT Officer/DB Administrator
  • Sherub Rangdrel – Asst. IT Officer/DB Administrator

We ensure the maintenance, up-gradation and the smooth functioning of IT Systems and applications in the campus.

The various services that come under the scope of our Department are:

 1.   Workstations

 2.   Servers

 3.   Network and Wi-Fi

 4.   Help Desk

1.      Workstations:

There are 4 IT Labs in the campus, 3 of which are meant for Teaching and 1 for other Learning purpose for the Students. In these Labs there are a total of about 117 workstations with all the necessary software and applications installed. Internet is available 24*7 in all of the computers. The 2 non teaching labs open from 9am till 8pm and the department has hired Lab Assistants to look after these Labs in the evening after regular classes. The other 3 Labs are strictly meant for teaching purposes hence it opens only for IT class.

All the Staff and Faculty are provided with a workstation each at their work desk with all the necessary applications installed. Each workstation is provided with internet connectivity and is connected to a shared printer.

2.      Servers:

There are many Servers serving different purposes. The important ones are:

  • Mail server : The College has its own mail and directory server. All the Staff and students are provided with a network disk space and an domain mail service.
  • Web Site : RTC has 2 websites which is the official website and which is the intranet site of the campus. The webmaster manages these sites.
  • Database Server : RTC also has its own Information Management System. Any official data like Staff/Student information or other Academic data’s are stored and managed in this system.

3.      Network and Wi-Fi: 

The entire campus is connected with LAN connectivity. A 24 Mbps internet service is provided 24 * 7. One of the highlights of the Network service is the Wi-Fi connectivity that is setup throughout the campus. All the hostels, staff residence and other popular hangout areas in the campus are covered by Wi-Fi.

4.      Help Desk

Our Department has a front Help Desk where any RTC Family member can bring their personal IT device for repair. A staff will always be available at the desk. Only basic troubleshooting and repair will be offered. Hardware repair will not be provided.

Our Department office is located on the Top floor of the Academic Block (A). Our office extension is 109 / 144 and the IT managers extension is 150. Our Office opens from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm weekdays and from 8:30 am till 12:45 pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays and any other RTC Holidays.

For off office hour IT support, there will be IT Lab assitants situated in the library. The IT Lab Assitants will provide basic IT related support. For more details please Click Here.


We hope you have a pleasant ICT facility experience @ RTC.