Rational Expectation Economics Society (REES) was created on July 15, 2013. All the students and faculty of BA economics course at RTC becomes, by default, members of this society. It is entirely governed by the students through an elected governing body. REES provides a platform to the students to expand the frontier of their knowledge of economics and learn beyond classroom. It conducts various events to achieve this purpose, which includes Budding Economist Competition, Visiting Speakers Series (VSS) and conferences. REES also publishes a monthly newsletter - ‘Monthly Review’ and is ready to launch its first volume of biannual students’ journal- ‘Young Minds’. It has come a long way in promoting the motivation and leadership qualities among its members. Its unique contribution to popularise the subject of economics as well as to develop the spirit of excellence and competition, it has found  a  long term partner in “QED”, a consulting firm in Thimphu,  which provide financial and logistical support to its activities.

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a)  Notable Speakers at VSS

      i)  Mr. Philippe Le Houérou, Vice President (South Asia),  World Bank, 

      ii)  Dr. Thomas G. Palmer (Director, Atlas Economic Research Foundation)

      iii)  Mr. Siegfried Herzog, Regional Director, South Asia, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom(FNF)

      iv)  Dr. Christopher Lingle, Visiting Professor of Economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala

         v) Prof. Johannes Hirata, Hochschule Osnabrück, University of Applied Sciences, Osnabrück, Germany. 

 vi) Ms. Gaia Grant, Director, Tirian International Consultancy

         vii) Mr. Gerardo T Thielen , Counsellor, Institute for training and Technical Cooperation, WTO

         viii) Ms. Juneyoung Lee, Legal Affairs Officer, WTO

        b)  Winners of Budding Economist Competition

       i)  Tshering Wangdi (2013-14)

       ii)  Chencho Dorji (2014-15)

       iii) Kinley Zangmo (2015-16)