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Academic Calendar



11 Jan-9 Feb, Thu-Fri

Winter Session 2018
16-17 Feb, Fri-Sat Losar, the Bhutanese New Year – (Holidays)
12-14 Feb, Mon-Wed Supplementary Examinations for Semester I, III & V
19 Feb, Mon New Faculty report to college at 9:30 AM
19-20 Feb, Mon-Tue, and 24 Feb, Sat Orientation for new faculty
21-23 Feb, Wed-Fri Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the King – (Holidays)
26 Feb, Mon All returning faculty report to the college at 9:30 AM; Opening Meeting
26-28 Feb, Mon-Wed Semester planning by faculty; Student Leadership Workshop (SG Members, RA’s and Club Coordinators)
28 Feb, Wed All resident students report to Residence Halls
01 Mar, Thu Classes begin for all students; Results of Supplementary exams will be declared
01 Mar-06 Mar, Thu-Tue Residence Hall, dining, and tuition fees due
11 April, Wed Blood Donation organized by Student Government
25 April, Wed Death Anniversary of Zhabdrung (Zhabdrung Kuchoe)- (Holiday)
26-30 Apr, Thu-Mon Mid-term examinations
02 May, Wed Teachers’ Day Activities
23 May, Wed Student Government Elections
29 May, Tue Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana- (Holiday)
22 Jun–30 Jun, Fri–Sat Semester-end (Final) Examinations
23 Jun, Sat Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche - (Holiday)
01 Jul, Sun Residence halls/dining hall close after breakfast (except for the 3rd Year and the volunteers for graduation); Students leave for vacation (Resident students must vacate their Residence Halls at this time and completely move their belongings from their rooms when they leave)
01 Jul, Sun Seventh Graduation Day
05 Jul, Thu All SE grades submitted.
06 Jul, Fri Meetings of the Program Board of Examiners
07 Jul, Sat Declaration of the semester results; Semester review and Semester Closing
08 Jul-29 Jul, Sun-Sun Summer vacation for faculty
26 Jul, Thu New Faculty report to college at 9:30 AM
26 Jul-28 Jul, Thu-Sat New Faculty orientation program
27-29 Jul, Fri-Sun Supplementary Examinations for Sem II, IV, & VI
30 Jul, Mon Returning faculty report for work at 9:30 AM; Semester opening meeting
30 Jul-01 Aug, Mon-Wed Semester planning by faculty
30 Jul, Mon Semester I students (Regular) report for registration; Resident students check into their residences (9-12 AM); Orientation starts after lunch.
30 Jul-01 Aug, Mon-Wed Orientation for Freshmen
01 Aug, Wed Returning resident students report to Residence Halls; Orientation for CE students
02 Aug, Thu New academic session begins, first day of classes


1. The College follows a semester system with 15 weeks of teaching, a week for examinations, and a week for evaluation and results (for faculty only). This will mean an approximate term length of 16 weeks for students and 17 weeks for faculty. There will be a winter vacation of 11 weeks and a summer vacation of three weeks

2. Faculty members report to the college at least a week before the reopening day for planning and orientation in each semester and will be asked to stay up to two weeks after official closure for any planned staff development activities. The actual dates for such activities and the vacation will be communicated to the faculty at the start of every academic session.