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Major Section
Module Name
AAS201: Anthropology of the Himalayas
AAS302: Anthropology of South East Asia
AAS303: Ethnography of Bhutan
ACM301: Public Relations
ACM302: Advocacy
ACS101: Academic Skills
ACT101: Financial Accounting
ACT201: Accounting Fundamentals
ACT202: Accounting for Managers I
ACT202: Intermediate Financial Accounting
ACT203: Accounting for Managers II
ACT203: Cost Accounting
ACT204: Corporate Reporting I
ACT204: Intermediate Financial Accounting
ACT205: Corporate Accounting
ACT206: Cost Accounting
ACT305: Management Accounting I
ACT306: Corporate Reporting II
ACT307: Audit and Assurance
ACT307: Management Accounting
ACT308: Computerized Accounting
ACT308: Management Accounting II
ACT309: Auditing
ACT309: Public Sector Accounting
AEC201: Environmental Economics
AEC302: Bhutanese Economy I
AEC303: Bhutanese Economy II
AFD101: Introduction to Anthropology
AFD102: Biological Anthropology
AFD103: Heritage Studies
AFD104: Language and Culture
AHS101: Growth and Spread of Buddhism in Asia
AID101: Kinship and Family
AID202: Anthropology of Identity
AID303: Anthropology of Gender
AMT102: Foundations of Statistics
AMT202: Foundations of Statistics
ANP101: Anatomy and Physiology
ANS101: Analytical Skills
APC101: IT Skills
ASC201: Anthropology of Globalization
ASC302: Anthropology of Development
ASC303: Applied Anthropology
ASC304: Contemporary Issues in Anthropology
ATH101: Ecological Anthropology
ATH102: Medical Anthropology
ATH203: History and Theory of Anthropology
ATH204: Political Anthropology
ATH305: Anthropology of Religion and Rituals
BCP101: Biochemistry and Basic Pathology
BDC201: Biodiversity Conservation and Management I
BDC202: Biodiversity Conservation and Management II
BES301: Bhutanese Economy and Social Capital
BHC101: Health and Bhutan Health Care System
BHS201: Cultural History of Bhutan
BHS302: Political History of Bhutan
BIM101: Introduction to Computers and Business Applications
BIM202: Introduction to Database Management Systems
BIM202: Management Information System
BIM303: General Management Approaches to E-Commerce
BIM303: Management Information Systems
BIM304: Fundamentals of e-commerce
BLT101: Foundation to Legal Framework
BLT101: Legal Considerations in Business
BLT202: Corporate Law
BLT202: Financial and Business Tax Management
BLT203: Taxation Law and Practice
BLT204: Corporate Law
BLT303: Taxation Law & Practice
BLT305: Business Tax Planning
BMS101: Business Mathematics
BMS102: Business Statistics I
BMS202: Statistics for Solving Business Problems
BMS203: Business Statistics II
BMS204: Quantitative Techniques
BMS303: Mathematics for Managerial Decisions
BNS301: Banking Concepts and Practices
BRD201: Introduction to Broadcast Journalism
BRD202: The Art of the Documentary
CAP101: Fundamentals of IT
CAP102: Database Management Systems
CAP203: Multimedia Applications
CAP204: Systems Analysis & Design
CAP305: Project
CET101: Introductory Microeconomics
CET102: Intermediate Microeconomics
CET103: Introductory Macroeconomics
CET204: Public Economics
CET205: Monetary Economics
CET206: Intermediate Macroeconomics
CET207: International Economics
CET308: Advanced Economic Theories
CHN201: Community Health Nursing
CHS101: History of Mass Communication
CLM101: Introduction to Climate and Weather Studies
CMR201: Communications Research
CMS101: Introduction to Communication Arts and Technology
CMS102: Photography and Visuals Lab
CMS203: Digital Graphics Lab
CMS204: Digital Storytelling and Audio Lab
CMS305: Video Production and Non-linear Editing Lab
CMS306: Media for Mobile Devices Lab
CMS307: Communications Project
COM301: Advanced Communications Skills
CPR101: Introduction to Programming
CPR202: OOPS using C++
CPR203: Java
CPR304: Internet Applications & Development
CSC101: Computer Architecture
CSC102: Data Structures using C
CSC103: Data Communications I
CSC204: Operating Systems
CSC205: Software Engineering
CSC206: Data Communications II
CSC307: Software Project Management
CSC308: Data Mining and Data Warehousing
CSC309: Systems & Network Security
CSC310: Management Information Systems
CSC311: Distributed Computing
CSC312: E-Commerce
CTH101: Principles of Communication Science
CTH102: Introductory Theories of Mass Communication
CTH203: Contemporary Media Theory and Practice
CTH204: Cultural Diversity in Communication
CTH305: Pop Culture and Media
DEV201: Development Problems and Policies
DEV202: World Economic History
DEV303: Development Process and Institutions
DEV304: Health Economics
DEV305: Rural Development: Concepts and Approaches
DEV306: Behavioural Economics
DEV307: Financial Markets and Instruments
DEV308: Industrial Economics
DFL101: Dzongkha as a Foreign Language
DFL102: Dzongkha as a Foreign Language II
DFL103: Dzongkha as a Foreign Language III
DFL201: Advanced Beginner Dzongkha I
DFL202: Advanced Beginner Dzongkha II
DZC201: Dzongkha Communication
DZG101: Dzongkha Communication
DZG201: Dzongkhai Daden Teylen
DZO101: Bjar Jai Yigayi Namzhag I
DZO102: Sumchupa
DZO103: Bjar Jai Yigayi Namzhag II
DZO104: Tag Ki Jugpa
DZO205: Shey Pi Ting Yig
DZO206: Dhue Sum Namzhag
DZO208: Nangpai Drubtha
DZO209: Khayjai Neydruk
DZO210: Mathag Ki Tsadyel La Dha Chepi Tam
DZO210: Sumtag Ki Tsadel La Dha Chaypai Tam
DZO311: Jinpa Lay Tshuendu Bar
DZO312: Nyenga Rangzhin Jaypa Lay Denzhoen Kaypai Bar
DZO313: Yizhin Dzedel Liu Dha Gupa Digdo Pongtshuel
DZO314: Samten Lay Ngowai Lewi Bar
DZO315: Ngyenga Dokpachengen Lay Jugbar
DZO316: Situ Drechen
DZO317: Uma Jugpa
DZOI: Dzongkha Communication I
DZOII: Dzongkha Communication II
EAP101: English for Academic Purposes I
EAP102: English for Academic Purposes II
ECF201: Money and the Financial System
ECF302: Public Finance
ECH201: History of Economics Thoughts
ECH302: World Economic History
ECL101: Principles of Ecology
ECL302: Restoration Ecology
ECN101: Microeconomics
ECN202: Macroeconomics
ECO101: Microeconomics
ECO112: Statistics I
ECO121: Macroeconomics I
ECO122: Mathematical Methods for Economics
ECO202: Macroeconomics
ECO202: Macroeconomics I
ECO231: Microeconomics II
ECO232: Macroeconomics II
ECO241: Money & the Financial System
ECO242: Bhutanese Economy I
ECO351: Public Finance
ECO352: Development Economics
ECO353: World Economic History
ECO361: Bhutanese Economy II
ECO362: Industrial Economics
ECR201: Bhutanese Economy
ECR302: Developmental Economics
EDP101: Entrepreneurship
EDP201: Entrepreneurship Development
EDP201: Theory & Practice of Entrepreneurship
EDP202: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
EDP302: Building a Start-up
EDP303: Entrepreneurial Finance
EDP303: Fostering Innovation in Business
EDP304: Entrepreneurial Marketing
EEC201: Environmental Economics
ENG201: Restoration and Neoclassicism
ENG202: Creative Writing
ENG203: Romantic and Victorian Literature
ENG204 : American Literature
ENG301: 20th Century Literature
ENG302: Literary Criticism and Literary Theory I
ENG303: Print Journalism
ENG304: Post Colonial Literature
ENG305: Professional Writing
ENM101: Energy Resources and Materials Management
ENM202: Water Resources Management
ENM203: Agriculture and Land Management
ENM304: Environmental Hazards Management
ENM305: Urban Environmental Management
ENM306: Environmental Impact Assessment
ENM307: Waste Management
ENM308: Frontiers in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development
ENP301: English Project I
ENP302: English Project II
ENV101: Introduction to the Environment
ENV102: Population, Development, and Environment
ES111: Introduction to the Environment
ES121: Natural Resources
ES231: Natural Resources Management
ES241: Air and Water Pollution
ES351: Sustainable Development
ES361: Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment
ES363: Waste and Waste Management
ETH201: Environmental Ethics
ETY201: Ethnographic Monographs
ETY202: Writing Ethnography
ETY303: Visual Anthropology
FIN201: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
FIN201: Introduction to Corporate Finance and Financial Management
FIN202: Financial Markets and Services
FIN203: Corporate Law
FIN203: Working Capital Management
FIN304: Capital Budgeting
FIN304: Financial Risk Management
FIN305: Financial Risk Management
FIN305: Investment Analysis
FIN306: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
FIN307: Banking Concepts and Practice
GIS201: Geographic Information Sciences I
GIS202: Geographic Information Sciences II
GSE101: Analytical Skills
HAN201: Health Assessments and Nursing Process
HOS201: Hospitality Management
HPC201: Health Promotion and Health Counseling in Nursing
HRM201: Fundamentals of HRM
HRM202: Organizational Behaviour
HRM202: Organizational Behaviour and Culture
HRM203: Recruitment and Retention
HRM204: Industrial Relations
HRM205: Negotiation
HRM206: Change Management
HRM304: Compensation
HRM305: Negotiation Skills
HRM306: Leadership and Management Development
HRM307: Industrial Relations
HRM307: Staffing
HRM308: Compensation
HRM308: International Human Resource Management
HSM101: Historiography
HSM302: Oral History
HSM303: Methodology of Historical Research
IBS301: International Business
IHS101: Ancient Indian History
IHS302: History of India: Mughal to National Movement
INT301: Internship
INT302: Internship
INT401: Internship
IPS101: IT and Basic Problem Solving
IT Skills
JRN201: Feature Writing
JRN302: Layout and Design for Journalism
JRN303: Global Journalism
LAM201: Shey Ting
LAM202: Leg Shey
LAN101: Grammar, Vocabulary, and Phonology in Context
LAN101: Introduction to the Study of English Language
LAN202: Basic Journalism
LAN202: Creative Writing
LAN203: Creative Writing
LAN303: Print Journalism
LAN304: Language and the Power of Ideas
LAN305: English for Professional Communications
LEN201: Law and Ethics in Nursing
LIT101: Introduction to Literary History and Forms
LIT101: Life in Verse: Themes in Contemporary Poetry
LIT102: English Poetry & Drama from 14th to 17th Century
LIT102: The Craft of the Short Story
LIT103: Contemporary Bhutanese Writings in English
LIT103: Folk Literature
LIT104: The Social and Literary Context: Anglo-Saxon to Restoration Period
LIT105: Myths, Morals, and Memory: Folk Literature
LIT106: The History of the Future: Science Fiction
LIT204: Literature of Restoration and Neo Classical Period
LIT205: Selected Studies of Romantic and Victorian Literature
LIT206: American Literature
LIT207: The Evolution of the Novel: From Origins to Realism
LIT208: Classical Greek Drama to The Theatre of Ideas
LIT209: The Social and Literary Context: 18th to 20th Century Literature
LIT210: The Evolution of the Novel: From Modernism to Postmodernism
LIT211: From Stage to Void: 20th Century Drama
LIT212: Imitation, Imagination & Tradition: Literary Theory and Criticism I
LIT307: 20th Century English Literature
LIT308: Literary Theory and Criticism I
LIT309: Post- Colonial Literature
LIT310: Writing by Women
LIT313: The Empire Writes Back: Postcolonial Literature
LIT314: The Shattered Mirror: Modernist Literature
LIT315: From Sonnet to Song: Understanding Poetry
LIT316: 20th Century‘isms’: Literary Theory & Criticism II
LIT317: Women’s Writings
LIT318: House of Mirrors: Postmodernist Literature
MAC101: Macroeconomics I
MAC202: Macroeconomics II
MAT101: Mathematics
MAT102: Discrete Mathematics
MAT203: Statistical Methods and Quantitative Techniques
MDE301: Ethical Issues in Mass Communication
MGT101: Business and its Environment
MGT101: Introduction to the Business Environment
MGT102: Management Theory and Practice
MGT203: Growth and Change in Business
MGT204: Motivation and Control Systems
MGT303: Fundamentals of Corporate Governance
MGT304: Strategic Management
MGT305: Fundamentals of Corporate Governance
MGT306: Managing Business-Government Relations
MGT307: Strategic Management
MGT308: Integration of Business Functions
MGT309: Competitive Advantage: Strategic Management
MGT310: Fundamentals of Corporate Governance
MHN201: Mental Health Nursing
MIC101: Microeconomics I
MIC102: Microeconomics II
MID301: Perspectives in Midwifery and Antenatal Care
MID302: Intrapartum Care
MID303: Midwifery Practicum I
MID304: Postnatal, Newborn Care and Family Planning
MID305: Complications in Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postnatal and Newborn
MID306: Midwifery Practicum II
MKT201: Principles of Marketing
MKT202: Consumer Behaviour
MKT303: Sales Management
MKT304: Advertising Management
MKT304: Product and Services Promotion
MKT305: International Marketing
MKT306: International Marketing
MKT306: Retail and Distribution Management
MKT307: Services Marketing
MPP101: Microbiology and Parasitology
MQM201: Mathematical Methods in Economics
MQM302: Introductory Econometrics
NAL402: Nursing Administration and Management Practice
NAM301: Nursing Administration and Management
NUD201: Nutrition and Dietetics
NUR101: Fundamental of Nursing I
NUR102: Fundamental of Nursing II
NUR103: Fundamental of Nursing Practice
NUR204: Adult Nursing I
NUR205: Adult Nursing II
NUR206: Field Posting
NUR307: Adult Nursing III
NUR406: Global Trends and Issues in Health and Nursing
NUR408: Nursing Education
OCL: Orientation to College Learning
PBT101: Political History of Bhutan
PBT202: Government and Politics in Bhutan
PBT303: Administration and Public Policy
PCP201: Comparative Government and Politics
PCP302: Contemporary World Politics
PED301: Pediatric Nursing
PHA101: Pharmacology
PPD307: Gender and Development
PRD101: Personal Development
PRD201: Public Speaking
PS101: Introduction to Political Science I
PS102: Political History of Bhutan
PS103: Introduction to Political Science II
PS104: Western Political Thought
PS112: Introduction to Demography
PS122: Basic Demographic Methods
PS201: Eastern Political Thought
PS202: Comparative Government and Politics
PS203: Government and Politics in Bhutan
PS204: Fundamentals of Economics
PS232: Bhutanese Population, Culture and Economy
PS242: Public Health and Environment
PS301: World Political History
PS302: Media and NGOs
PS303: Administration and Public Policy
PS304: Contemporary World Politics
PS305: Capstone Research Project II
PS352: Population and Development
PS362: Statistical Methods in Population Analysis
PTH101: Classical Political Thought
PTH202: Modern Political Thought
PWH201: World Politcal History
QME101: Mathematics for Economics
QME102: Statistical methods for Economics
QME103: Introductory Econometrics
QME304: Intermediate Econometrics
REB301: Research, Epidemology and Biostatistics
RES301: Research Methods in Business
RES302: Business Project
RES302: Project Work on Major
RES302: Research Project
RIG101: Ngaden
RIG101: Ngagden Dangpa
RIG101: Ngagden I
RIG101A: Ngaden
RIG101B: Ngaden
RIG102: Sumchupa
RIG103: Tag Jug
RIG104: Ngagden II
RIG204: Nyenjay
RIG205: Nyenjay
RIG305: Tshigen Dangpa: Rangzhin Jaypa Lay Denzhoen Kaypai Bar
RIG306: Tshigen Nyipa: Dokpachen Lay Gongpachen Tshuen
RIG307: Tshigen Nyipa: Dokpachen Lay Gongpachen Tshuen
RNM401: Research in Nursing and Midwifery
RSM301: Research Methods
RSM302(I): Undergraduate Research
RSM302(II): Undergraduate Research
RSM302: Undergraduate Research I
RSP301: Research Project I
RSP301: Undergraduate Research Project I
RSP302: Research Project II
RSP302: Undergraduate Research Project II
SCP201: Social Change
SCP202: Political Economy
SCP303: Social Policy
SIS101: Family and Society
SIS302: Civil Society Organization
SNP101: Sociology and Psychology
SOCS111: Introduction to Sociology
SOCS112: Statistics for Social Research
SOCS121: Cultural Anthropology
SOCS122: Social Theory
SOCS231: Qualitative Research Methods
SOCS232: Social Psychology
SOCS241: Quantitative Research Methods
SOCS242: Social Institutions
SOCS351: Youth & Society
SOCS352: Buddhism Social Theories
SOCS361: Sociology of Development
SOCS362: Social Change
SOCS369: Capstone Research Project I
SOS101: Cultural Anthropology
SOS102: Social Psychology
SOS303: Crime and Deviance
SOS305: Political Sociology
SPT101: Introduction to Sociology
SPT102: Introduction to Political Science
SPT103: Political Theory and Ideology
SPT204: Classical Social Theory
SPT305: Contemporary Social Theory
STS101: Applied Statistics
TFL101: Introductory Tibetan I
TFL201: Intermediate Tibetan I
TFL202: Intermediate Tibetan II
TFL203: Advanced Tibetan Language
TFL204: Advanced Tibetan language
THM301: Principles and Practices of Tourism
TME201: Trauma and Medical Emergency
UGR201: Research Methodology
UGR202: Anthropological Research Methods
UGR302: Economics Research Project
UGR302a: Economics Research Project I
UGR303: Undergraduate Ethnographic Research
UGR303a: Undergraduate Ethnographic Research I
WHS101: Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the World
WHS202: The Rise of the Modern West: Mid-15th Century - 17th Century
WHS203: History of Modern Europe: French Revolution to 1870
WHS204: America: Colonization to Progressive era
WHS305: Twentieth Century World History
WHS306: Contemporary Issues since 1945
ZHU201: Nangpai Drubtha
ZHU202: Khayjai Neydruk
ZHU303: Chenjug Dangpa
ZHU304: Chenjug Nyipa