MPH Timing

MPH timing

Following rules should be strictly followed if using the MP Hall

  •       Dress code - sports attire (no hard sole shoes, gho/kira, jeans etc).
  • You are expected to use your own badminton rackets and shuttlecock.
  • Student must adhere to the above schedule. No boys will be allowed to play during the girls play time and vice versa. 
  • Everybody should leave the hall at 9pm sharp in observance of the quiet hours. 
  • Student must not make unnecessary noise (shouting, screaming, etc).
  • The MP Hall and the surrounding is a smoke free zone.
  • Student must take care of their own belongings. The college authority will not be responsible for loss of any items.
  • Do not drag the badminton net stands without wheels as it damages the Floor.
  • All waste should be disposed properly into the garbage bins to maintain the cleanliness.
  • Any act of vandalism will be dealt as per college rules.
  • No outsiders are allowed without prior permission.
  • Schedule is subject to change according to the feed back.