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Annual Reports

Annual reports are good sources of information about a company's business history and current performance. They can be used to learn about an organization's financial health or patterns of spending or growth. 

NOTE: Financial information about private companies is difficult to find as these companies are not legally required to publish a report.

Tips for Reading an Annual Report(via the Annual Reports Library) – search by company, or browse by industry or exchanges.

Edgar Database - the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) database of corporate filings.  Contains annual reports, press releases, and other public documents for most public companies in the US.  For the SEC, annual reports are listed as "10-K" forms.

Tips for searching for annual reports on the Internet - Use a search engine such as Google, type"annual report"and the name of the organization (e.g."annual report" and "druk holdings")     

No results? Try searching just the name of the organization alone to find the organization's home page, then look for a link to its annual report. If the wordsannual reportdo not appear on the homepage, try clicking on links to financial informationinvestment informationpublications ,corporate information, orquarterly reports. Alternatively, use the company site's search function if there is one to search for annual report.

Case Studies

Business Case Studies - find case studies by Company, Industry, or Topic. Cases are free to browse online, but only some are free to download to PDF.  - is an online library of reading materials and teaching modules focusing on social, environmental, and ethical issues in business. Available to faculty. It is free, but you must register.

IBS Center for Management Research – ICMR  - is a repository of management case studies. In addition to having cases for sale, the site includes free cases to view online.

Other Business Sites

HighBeam Business - provides reputable data and industry snapshots. Good source for industry information –but keep in mind it is from a U.S. perspective

Stanford Businessa selection of business websites selected and reviewed by Stanford Business library staff provide a source for free, useful information.