Bhutan Ministries

Ministry of Agriculture and Forests – links to the RNR Newsletter, Journal of Renewable Natural Resources and Sanam Rigphel Magazine

Ministry of Economic Affairs – good source of information for: trade statistics, Industry feasibility reports, classification of industries in Bhutan

Ministry of Education – provides a link to the Bhutan Education Blueprint. The site is an excellent source for other important Bhutanese Web Links 

Ministry of Finance – Best source for: Bhutan Trade Statistics

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – links to the Universal Periodic Review: Bhutan Country Report

Ministry of Health – includes the publication: Annual Health Bulletin

Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs includes publications such as the Disaster Management Act of Bhutan and Environmental Management Framework for Bhutan: Improving Resilience to Seismic Risk

Ministry of Information and Communications – Under Download – link to Ministry Statistics: The Annual Info-Com and Transport Statistical Bulletin, which provides statistics on the ICT, Telecommunications, Postal, Media, Surface Transport and Civil Aviation sectors.

Ministry of Labour and Human Resources – Includes a number of publications including: Regulations on Working Conditions, Handbook on Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Workers, Career and Occupational Dictionary.

Ministry of Works and Human Settlement – Includes a number of publications including: Bhutan Schedule of Rates and Annual Information Bulletin. 

Governance & Society

Acts of Bhutan: with an A-Z index : This site has links to the ministries, laws, announcements and the constitution.

Centre for Bhutan Studies and GNH Research: one of the first places to go for academic material about Bhutan.  The publications link will lead to the full text of the Journal of Bhutan Studies, books and conference proceedings. 

Gross National Happiness Commission: the five-year plans, mid-term reviews and evaluation reports 

Law Online: Bhutan (Library of Congress)

National Statistics Bureau: start here when you need statistics for the country and the dzongkhags.  The NSB also offers reports on social issues including alcohol use and child poverty.