Academic Regulations

Fall 2022 Semester End Student Feedback Collection ( from 14th November to 25th November). 

Dear Students,

You are all requested to participate in this semester-end student feedback session. Your honest feedback will help us improve the overall quality of teaching and learning at RTC and hence you are requested to cooperate and give your full participation. 

The feedback will be collected online using the link given below, during your GSH classes ( 14 - 25th Nov) and you are requested to use your personal 3G/4G data should the Wi-Fi connections in your classes not work. 

For each module, AAD aims to have 90% student participation and if the requirement is not fulfilled, your class might be asked to fill out the form again. Please note that your feedback  is ANONYMOUS and you are requested to share your honest suggestions & comments.


  1. Select your Batch (i.e.  1st Year, 2nd year, 3rd Year, 4th Year or CE Student Feedback).
  2. Select your programme and fill out the google form for each module.
  3. Open the individual module questionnaire by clicking the hyperlink.
  4. Once you finish answering the questionnaire, CLICK ON SUBMIT  BUTTON TO RECORD YOUR ANSWERS.

  1. When the ANSWERS have been recorded, the following message will be shown.

  1. Close the page and open the next module questionnaire by clicking the next hyperlink.
  2. Ensure that you give feedback for all the modules you take this semester. 

                                 Click on the Following links according to your Cohort.

  1. First Year_Day Feedback
  2. Second Year_Day Feedback
  3. Third Year_Day Feedback
  4. Fourth Year_Day Feedback 
  5. CE Student_Feedback