Examinations Information - Mid-term Fall 2022



1.   Midterm Exam Schedule_DAY

2. Midterm Exam Schedule_CE

3. Seating Plan_Semester I_2022 Cohort_DAY

4. Seating Plan_Semester III_2021 Cohort_DAY

5. Seating Plan_Semester V_2020 Cohort_DAY

6. Seating Plan_LAB Exam_DAY & CE

7. Seating Plan_CE

8. Seating Plan_International Students

9. Exam Instructions for Students

10. Steps to Replace Students' ID Card


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  1. Everyone must adhere to the timings/schedule.
  2. In order to encourage female participants even if the Fitness Centre is unused/empty during the time slots allocated to female, all others are not allowed.
  3. Students, faculty/staff should show/carry their college ID to the student gym assistants.
  4. All children and youth under the age of 16 are not permitted.
  5. All users of this facility should come in comfortable attire (no sandals or flip-flops). User are request you bring your own towel for personal hygiene
  6. No alcohol, snacks, food and other edibles are allowed. Only water and energy drinks will be allowed.
  7. Please be watchful of your belongings. The college authority will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
  8. Any act of vandalism/graffiti will be dealt as per college rules.
  9. Everybody should leave the hall at 9pm sharp in observance of the quiet hours.
  10. The Schedule is subject to change according to the feedback.

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