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 Date and time: Wednesday, 18th September 2019 at 5:30 pm

Venue: RTC Auditorium 

 About the artist:  A Thimphu born artists Tashi calls himself a creative who primarily focuses on music, films, clothes, etc. but really works on anything creative in nature and that draws his attention. A lot of the skills being self taught and has also recently taken up a film production course in the University of the Creative Arts in the UK. His first project was called “This side of paradise”, which was quite the success and since then Tashi has released another project called “Trash vol.1”, which has 5 songs including the single I don’t want nobody. 

Apart from his music, Tashi also keeps busy with his works in building a community center and a school for kids with his brother. As their family has a long history in education with their grandparents being one of the first modern educators in Bhutan it is something that the family has always been passionate about. Tashi started making music as a teenager and collaborated with various artists but never put out his music until 2018 when he released his first project. Tashi is currently working on a project titled “Singular”, which he plans to release very soon.

Please check https://www.wavesonwater.com for his music or instagram@tashiyw8

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