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Message from Interim President


Subject: Happy Autumn Greetings and the College Fair


Esteemed Faculty Members, Colleagues, Staff members, and Dear Students,

I have the pleasure in writing this short note of gratitude and appreciation to all the esteemed Faculty, Executives, Staff and dear Students for a very gratifying semester thus far. We have just completed the Mid-term examinations indicating that we have crossed the halfway mark into the semester.

I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your individual and collective efforts in making the RTC community life fulfilling, pleasant and inspiring one. I am also very hopeful and confident that each day that we travel through our professional and personnel journeys into the future, each one of us will be successful and find happiness together and in the process contribute to the growth and success of our alma mater, the Royal Thimphu College.

By now, all of us would be aware that this is RTC’s tenth year of life and therefore a decade of service to the Tsa-wa-sum. Therefore this is also the year for some reflection about our progress so far and also for some celebrations. In that regard, we have few activities planned to mark the tenth year between this and the next semesters, which will be shared as we move along. Most immediate activity on our plan is the College Fair on October 31, 2018 which will be an exciting event for all of us to show case and share different stalls representing academic achievements, games, fun and entertainment, foods, talents, etc. Our Registrar, Aum Pema C Wangdi has kindly agreed to chair this important event of College Fair.

I am aware that it is a public holiday and same is also the next day, November 01 (Coronation Day of His Majesty the King). While we will observe 1st November as  a holiday, the previous day, that is the College Fair Day will be compensated by a holiday that is preponed on the 20th October (Saturday). Therefore we will be availing four consecutive days of holidays from 18-21 October to let eligible voters from nearby places vote in person (if not registered as postal voter), some others celebrate Dasain, and the rest just have a good refreshing break. In return, I would like to ask all members of RTC to fully participate and contribute towards the College Fair on 31st October, which is being planned to celebrate our 10th year, with full enthusiasm and commitment.

I look forward to full cooperation from all the Academic Programmes (led by the esteemed Programme Leaders and Faculty), Staff, Student Government, Club Coordinators and members and the student body at large.

Warm regards


Shiva Raj Bhattarai

Dean of Academics & Interim President